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The San Antonio Chapter

The San Antonio Chapter was the first BNI chapter founded in the area. Last year, a few dozen members passed thousands of referrals, worth over two million dollars to our member companies. At last count, there were 17 BNI chapters in the area. If you can't meet at 7AM on Wednesday, check out for a complete list of chapters.

"The" Business Referral Organization™

If referrals are an important part of your business, then BNI is the organization for you. "Word of Mouth" is the most cost-effective form of advertising possible. BNI provides a structured environment for the development and exchange of quality business referrals.

BNI is a business and professional organization that allows only one person from each profession to join a chapter.

Belonging to BNI is like having dozens of sales people working for you because all the other members carry several of your business cards around with them. When they meet someone new who could use your products or services they hand your card out and recommend your services.

It's simple because it's based on the proven concept of "what goes around, comes around." If I help you, you'll help me and we will both benefit as a result.

Only one person per profession is permitted to join a chapter of BNI, so space is limited. Please visit our chapter to see what we are about.


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